Nations That Had the Largest Number of Victors in DV-2011


Per Segment 203(c) of the Movement and Identity Act (INA) a limit of up to 55,000 migrant visas are given each monetary year to concede migration open doors for people from nations other than the chief wellsprings of current movement to the US. The Nicaraguan and Focal American Help Act (NACARA) that was passed by the Congress in November 1997 specifies that from DV-99, 스포츠토토 and however long required, up to 5,000 of the 55,000 yearly allotted variety visas will be made accessible for use under the NACARA program. As a result of this the DV-2010 yearly breaking point was diminished to 50,000. DV visas (green cards) are separated and given among six geographic locales. A solitary nation can’t get in excess of seven percent of the accessible variety visas at whatever year.

The aftereffects of the 2009 Variety Visa (green card) lottery was distributed. As per the U.S. State Division there were a sum of 16.1 million sections for the program including all family (subsidiary) individuals. As indicated by news reports, 12.1 million applications were recorded, and that implies that every enlistment counted for a normal of 1.4 candidates each, including the rule candidate, his/her mate and youngsters.

The biggest number of champs in DV-2011 green card lottery program were brought into the world in the accompanying nations:

Ghana – 6002, Nigeria – 6000, Ukraine – 6000, Bangladesh – 5999, Ethiopia – 5200, Uzbekistan – 5091, Kenya – 4689, Egypt – 4251, Sierra Leone – 3911, Cameroon – 3674, Iran – 2819, Vote based republic of the Congo – 2575, Turkey – 2266, Nepal – 2189, Morocco – 2003, Germany – 1895, Liberia – 1826, Algeria – 1753, Albania – 1469.

Effective candidates of the DV-2011 green card lottery were advised via mail among May and July of 2010. For effective DV 2011 contestants, the DV outsider visa application process is in progress and generally likely be finished and visas gave by September 30, 2011.

Altogether, similar nations with huge quantities of lottery victors in the year 2009 green card lottery (DV-2011) likewise had critical aggregates for the year 2008 green card lottery (DV-2010):

Ghana – 8,752, Nigeria – 6006, Bangladesh – 6001, Ukraine – 5499, Ethiopia – 5200, Kenya – 4619, Egypt – 4201, Uzbekistan – 4059, Sierra Leone – 3898, Cameroon – 3719, Morocco – 3124, Turkey – 2,826, Iran – 2773, Albania – 2311, Germany – 2188, Liberia – 2172, Nepal – 2132, Algeria – 1947, Popularity based republic of the Congo – 1817.

Assuming that you have been chosen in the Variety Visa program, after you get directions you should show that you are qualified for a variety outsider visa by effectively finishing the following stages. At the point when Kentucky Consular Center solicitations to do as such, you should finish the migrant visa application, submit vital reports and structures, pay required expenses and complete a clinical assessment. Then, at that point, you must be consulted by a consular official at the U.S. government office or department to show that you fit the bill for the variety visa. The Kentucky Consular Center will give application data either through mail (for DV-2011 fruitful participants) or online through the Section Status Check at (for DV-2012 effective contestants).

All effective DV contestants ought to be qualified to get a visa by qualifying in light of training, work, and other qualification prerequisites. Per the law, each DV contestant should have at any rate: A secondary school instruction or its same; or Two years of work insight during the beyond five years in an occupation that necessities something like two years preparing or experience.